About Promo Mats

Your best foot forward, always with Logo Mats

Promo Mats is a specialist in the supply and manufacturing of commercial and industrial mats. Promo Mats prides itself on being able to provide customers with a large distribution network, with locations in all mainland South Africa, that enables us to service and supply all of our clients.

Promo Mats has the widest range of commercial and industrial mats in South Africa. Ranging from Entrance Logo Mats, Custom Door Mats, Floor Mats and Branded Mats for building and retail environments, to our extensive selection of Anti Fatigue Mats for warehouse and office applications. Along with a large array of specialised mats for specific purposes, we also supply custom-made mats for branding purposes.

Our vast amount of knowledge of this industry means we can specify the type of commercial matting that you are looking for, and that is right for your particular-situation and needs.

Our extensive experience with commercial health and safety regulations enables us to create your all-round custom matting solution, with a focus on style, comfort and safety.We have a wide range of   matting products.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are an attractive way to greet visitors to your premises, whether you are a business, retail store, hotel, school, college, playgroup or sports club, a fully bespoke ,logo mat makes an excellent lasting impression on your visitors, whilst providing professional standards of functionaility that are second to none. Our printed door logo mats are available with a choice of rubber backing types depending on where you will position your mat. Our standard anti-slip black rubber backing is available in flat back for hard floor surface areas (such as ceramic tiles, hard wood or laminate floors) or our backed mats which have an extra thick rubber backing.

logo mats

Branded Mats

Branded mats give the entrance to your building a personalised look, whilst ensuring that dirt and dust is removed from shoes before it enters your premises. Branded mats offer extremely effective dirt removal in areas of high footfall, and the hard wearing nature of the berber point carpet ensures the mat will perform effectively year after year. With a wide choice of colours, combined with your choice of text and logo design, we can manufacture your mat to any size required, tailoring the finished mat to suit your entrance or reception. Branded mats perform well in retail outlets, bars, clubs, pubs, shops, schools and are ideal to be site in high traffic areas.