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Whether you are are looking for a personalised logo carpet for your business  or a branded logo mat for an exhibition at Promo Mats we can help.

Make a Bold Difference with Custom Branded Logo Mats

Promo Mats offers customised logo mats to advertise your business. With Custom Branded Logo Floor Mats, you can personalise your floor mat any way you want. It’s a front door mat with an image that describes your business with  logos, colors and slogans to create a professional look. Exterior mats with a logo have never been so popular, Logo Mats, Rubber  backing Scrapper Logo Mats, customised for an all-weather condition. All our custom branded logo mats are safe and non-slip to provide a great first impression in wet.

Promo Mats  helps restaurants, business owners, hotel managers, medical professionals, industrial facilities and many more industries find the right branded logo floor mat.

Logo mats, customised carpets ,  floor mats, branded mats, school mats, car dealership doorstep rugs, personalized mats, rubber mats, church mats, logo carpets, branded carpets  since 2010 promomats.co.za has been the leading provider of logo floor mats.

Our goal: to create an online environment that is consumer friendly while making logo floor mat buying simple and cost effective.

We see logo floor mats as a low cost sales and marketing tool that places your Logo in front of your customer as they enter your doorstep facility.

When used properly, our entrance mats with a logo are a safe and effective way of keeping floors clean and dry.

As a company that specialises in the manufacturing of branded door mats for a wide range of commercial, industrial and specialised applications, we can help you to choose the best matting solutions for your business. We deliver our custom logo door mats to clients in  cities and town like Johannesburg, Durban, Harare, Maseru, Cape Town, Windhoek ,Mbabane, Maputo, Lusaka, Pretoria, Mogale City, Port Elizabeth, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Rustenberg, Polokwane and many more.

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Custom Logo Mats

Create A Dynamic Entrance To Your Business with a Branded Logo Mats

This style of commercial entrance logo mats are very well suited to applications where the logo or design uses many different colours. Using a unique vacuum extraction method our carpet is printed before the rubber backing is applied, this ensures complete pile dye penetration and provides superior durability your commercial branded entrance mats. This also produces the brightest colours available on the market today, where you can choose from many colours.

Our Print Plush washable mats offer advanced cleaning characteristics, removing up to 80% of outside dirt before it reaches your interior facility. To ensure workers safety, the mat is equipped with anti-slip cleats on the back to prevent movement, even in the highest of traffic areas.

Stunning Quality and Fully Washable

Our Entrance Logo Floor Mats are made right here in South Africa, using the latest  methods available, to ensure these mats last for many years of continuous hard-wearing and washing.

Artwork services available

Standout Mats offers personalised artwork setup services and expert advice, so you get the best from your branded entrance mats.


600mm x 850mm

850mm x 1150mm

850mm x 1500mm

850mm x 1800mm

850mm x 3000mm

1150mm x 1500mm

1150mm x 1800mm

1500mm x 2400mm

1500mm x 3000mm

1500mm x 4200mm

Other standard sizes and Custom sized mats are available

Custom Designs Washable 60° Tumble Dry 

Create your own Custom Designed logo Mat and transform your entrance area into a spectacular welcome area for your guests.

Perfect for Logos or Brands for business receptions and entrances, or as a personalised welcome mat for your home or store front.

Constructed especially for excellent dirt trapping functionality and fully machine washable, your Custom Designed branded Mat will continue to perform and look great for many years.

Order Your Branded Logo Mat

Due to our experience in the matting industry we’re able to offer extremely fast turnaround of your order, with the vast majority of our logo mats being ready within 5-7 working days.