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Branded mats with your logo

Our high quality branded logo mats will visually enhance an entrance area and help to reinforce a corporate identity with your welcome mat.Floor surfaces are protected from the damaging effects of dust and dirt with a durable, machine washable, logo mats.

Logo Mats Which Exemplify Your Business

We have a lot of experience when it comes to designing branded mats, welcome mats door mats and logo floor mats  for your shopping mall business. Our packages are very diverse and will prove to be very effective and productive for any business in an industry.

Logo mats are increasingly popular due to brand awareness becoming ever more important in the changeable marketplace we all operate in today. Every successful business operates around a clear brand identity. Companies achieve this by effectively communicating brand’s at every possible opportunity.

Our high-quality custom floor mats with logo allow you to select the size, colour and include your own logo or design. They are brilliant for conveying a strong first message the minute prospects walk through the door. Or if you are holding a trade show booth why not stay away from the boring floor of the exhibition centre and have your key message displayed on a branded floor mat. All of our mats are manufactured using premium materials with heavy duty rubber backing for a long lasting, durable, non-slip backing that lasts for years of daily use,at a low price.

What should entrance matting do?

An effective branded entrance mat with logo should do the following 4 things:

  1. Prevent dirt and moisture coming into the building
  2. Hold onto dirt and moisture until it can be cleaned
  3. Stop dirt and moisture being tracked off the mat
  4. Provide a safe walking surface 

Our Entrance mats serve the purpose of effectively removing dirt and moisture from footwear. We provide a range of high-quality entrance mats suitable for any business or home, with great value for money. With effective scraping capabilities combined with highly absorbent materials, our mats prevent unwanted particles from migrating into your facility, ensuring your premises is safe and clean.

Welcome mat with branding

Welcome Logo Mats

With our indoor door mats, you can substantially reduce the amount of dirt and water bought into a building, reducing the time and cost needed for cleaning. Before buying your mats, browse our wide range of different styles, sizes and colours to find Welcome Logo Mats that will enhance the appearance of any internal entrance, whilst making the floors safer to walk on and looking much cleaner

rubber logo mat

Branded Logo Mats

Our custom branded carpet logo mats are extremely high quality industrial grade mats and are suitable for high traffic areas such as Schools, Supermarkets, Offices, Factories and Shops. You can use a number  selections available on a large variety of mat sizes. Your logo or image is branded directly onto the mat’s surface.

At Promo Mats, we offer a wide variety of logo front door mats. Ideal for all budgets and style preferences. This includes custom branded logo mats with styles such as rubber-back mats and logo mats. As well as outdoor scraper mats and brush logo matting.

Floor space provides huge marketing potential for businesses (an area that is often unused). With a simple touch like a logo mat upon arrival, this can transform someone’s perception of your business. You can convey your professionalism and expertise to any guests. All you need is a clearly defined logo and image; our design and printing experts will take care of the rest.

Build a Custom Logo Mat

Custom Logo Matting, for a successful first impression!

Create a lasting first impression with your company logo at your entrance. Beautifies entrance while trapping and filtering dirt. Easy to clean. Whether the logo mat is a custom mat or a personalized mat, it offers several advantages:

  • Reinforces your corporate position by expertly presenting the values and image of your business
  • Affords you a great first impression
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your business
  • Promotes quality which inspires confidence
  • Contributes to the advertising of your products and services all while promoting your Company logo

We have a extremely large selection of mats for residential, commercial and industrial needs.   We can put your company logo on any of the mats we have in stock. You simply email us with a picture of your logo. Call one of our sales reps to discuss your specifications including background colors preferred, sizes. We can send you a quote and samples of our work upon request. 

What kind of graphics should you include? We can create designs with a .gif, .tif, .png, .eps and .jpg at least 200 dpi for best results. 

Enhance safety and floor protection, with our customized floor door mats which are an excellent way to create an impression or convey a message. Our personalised branded logo mats are suitable for medium to high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas, such as entrances, walkways and reception areas.

We deliver to areas  around Johannesburg , Sandton , Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria, Randburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Springs, Benoni, South Gate, Rosebank, Boksburg, Fourways, East London, Roodepoort, Emalahleni.

Custom Logo mats allow you to present your company’s brand logo and/or key messaging at that crucial point where visitors cross the threshold to your business. First impressions are always the most memorable. Important when these visitors are potential clients!

Every building has an entrance. You can make yours stand out from the crowd by displaying your company logo at the door. Logo Mats ensure every visitor leaves with a lasting impression.

If you are considering upgrading your flooring with logo mats. There are a number of benefits that they can offer to your business. In fact, you are doing something that could actually work as marketing or advertising for your business by opting for custom matting rather than generic mats. Here are five reasons to consider custom door mats and how they can improve your business.

Branding Exposure

When you use custom logo mats for the entrance ways of your business, your message is displayed to every person who comes through your doors. Studies show that people notice what’s on the floor mats underneath their feet. Therefore, promoting your product or service can have a big impact.

Increased Sales

You imprint your brand into your customers’ minds with custom matting. Printed Logo Mats can earn you greater name recognition leading customers to recommend your products and services. In addition, you might also find that you are able to get results for a fraction of the costs that it might take with other marketing or advertising methods. Logo mats are also designed to last.

Precision Cut Logo Mats

For a superior, eye-catching finish and durable logo mat solution, then one of our bespoke precision inlay logo mats could be exactly what you need. Unlike a traditional ‘printed’ Logo Mat, precision inlaid logo mats are even suitable for busy entrances, meaning they not only look fabulous, but are functional too. Each component of the design is precision-cut from high quality polypropylene matting in the Australia, using robotic technology. This ensures superb reproduction of even the most complex designs, in unbeatable time.

Manufactured To Stand The Test Of Time

Promo Mats uses the highest-grade materials available to provide personalised mats which will be with your company for decades. Our materials are ethically-sourced and represent the best of the best in today’s market, allowing us to create mats which always perform like they’re brand-new.

Made from nylon, our printed mats have the strength and resistance to endure relentless traffic, while staying soft and comfortable underfoot. Nylon is also cost-effective to manufacture, while the microfiber-style carpet effectively cleans and dries shoes.

We’ve spent many years optimising our products, and are confident that our logo branded mats offer the best combination of price, quality, and performance on the market today.