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We offer a wide range of branded mats for all your door flooring requirements with the highest quality and lowest prices

Branded Mats provide a unique way to promote your company brand or logo. Your designs can be digitally replicated onto the face of the mat for use, either indoors or out. Custom mats with your brand or logo imprinted add a professional look to any door entrance, while providing a barrier keeping dirt from entering your facility.

Floor Graphics: Floor graphics are typically used by airports, event venues, churches, grocery stores, museums, shopping malls, and sports arenas to provide directional signage promote products or services and advertise events


Our most popular mat service over the last two years has been our branded mats! Let us display your company logo on custom branded entrance floor door mats that you can proudly place at the front door of your business. At Superior Linen Service, our clients can choose from twenty-five different colors and several standard sizes. Customers love logos just as much as business owners do! What better place to showcase your logo in your building than on your welcome mat?

Did you know that 65% of people look at the floor while they walk? branded mats can not only make your business look professional and welcoming, but they are an additional way to leave your company logo fresh in your client’s mind and are a great advertising tool

Let Your Branded Mats Speak For You

Branded Mats are a very popular item amongst our customers because they allow you to display your company logo on a custom mat that you can proudly place at the front door of your business.  We offer countless combinations of vibrant colors for you to chose from which is sure to catch your visitors’ eyes. Our branded entrance mats also come in several standard sizes to accommodate any area space.

Let us create that eye-catching essence your business needs! Time is money and you’ve dedicated both to carefully designing and creating your logo. Why not put it to good use and implement it on as many items as possible? Our logo mats are a great place to start!

Entrance Branded Mats With Logo

As suppliers, we understand our responsibility to provide quality products to our clients, which is why all our products have the best warranty in the business.

To date we manufacture and distribute all kinds of products to cover surfaces that comply with all quality requirements that can be imposed. They have been tried and tested by our quality department. If you are looking for a durable, modern, high quality product please contact us.

Excellent both for indoors and outdoors, the floors, carpets, mats and rubber products are an excellent investment that will improve the quality and safety of your infrastructure or business, at a really low price and with a very simple installation, with a very easy maintenance. Our products are available in many colors, sizes and styles.

Mats Colours

entrance branded logo mats

Choose the perfect custom commercial branded door mat, and personalize with a company logo or design. Whether you need an indoor mat in full color, or an outdoor mat to last through all kinds of weather, we have what you’re looking for.

Floor mats trap dirt before it can be tracked around, keeping your building cleaner for longer. And, when you work with Promo Mats, you’ll get a personal representative assigned to your account.

Branded Event & Promotional Mat Specialists

We have a range of promotional mats and exhibition mats for you to choose from to help change the way people see your products. Our promotional mats are digitally printed to provide the highest quality end result. All of our promotional mats are backed with nitrile rubber. This means the borders are reinforced and stronger than standard backing, which, minimises wear and tear and ultimately the risk of trips on damaged edges.

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Branded Promotional Mats

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