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Entrance Door Mats

Entrance door mats provide a barrier from the outside world at the entrance of your premises whether that is a shop, showroom, school, hospital or even your home. At Promo Mats, we stock a variety of front door mats suitable for indoor and outdoor areas including absorbent water trappers, ribbed indoor entrance mats as well as custom logo mats for those looking to welcome visitors or display their branding. Indoor  and outdoor mats come in a variety of sizes and vary in price, making them suitable for customers on a budget that still require an enduring indoor entrance mat.

 Other examples have been indoor mats with messaging on to encourage hand washing or to follow a certain route around the building. Custom indoor floor mats and logo mats are available with free design visuals before you order, to allow you to view how clear your instructions are regarding health, safety and social distancing. 

Indoor Door Mats For Entrances

Our indoor door mat range helps to reduce the volume of dust, dirt and damp brought into a building. Indoor floor mats at the entry points of a building control the risk of employees or visitors slipping by providing them with somewhere to wipe off their feet, which also reduces the amount of cleaning and upkeep for your maintenance team. Ensure floors are safe to walk on and protect carpets and interiors, while at the same time keep your entrance clean and tidy with the addition of indoor door matting.

Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor logo mats from Promo Mats  provide an excellent opportunity to put your external floor space to better marketing use. Grasp attention outside and draw customers into your commercial premises by choosing from one of the two South Africa’s best-selling weatherproof outdoor mats. Not only do outdoor logo mats create instant brand awareness but also scrape shoes clean prior to people entering, ensuring front doors and floors remain clean at all times.

Entrance Door Mats Provide the Ultimate Floor Protection

We recommend a dual mat system in order to best protect your flooring. Entrance Door Mats can be paired with an out door and indoor mat to ensure that your floors are kept in optimum condition. First impressions are vital, so ensuring floors are looking pristine, safe and welcoming are vital order today and choose from our wide range of outdoor entrance matting today. Better still, add a logo to your outdoor mat to showcase your brand or offer a welcome message to visitors

Choosing Door Mats for Indoor and Outdoormats Spaces

Door door mats are available in a range of styles, colours and sizes, with custom options available. As the first thing people see when entering a doorway, choosing the right indoor and outdoor entrance mat is very important to give the best impression possible.

Custom branding of indoor mats is often overlooked but is vitally important to help with the overall look of any premises. Logo matting makes a great entrance mat, providing protection for your flooring, adaptable as it can be cut to the correct size for your entrance, whilst also being customisable so that you welcome customers or visitors into your property. Other customers prefer heavy duty commercial matting as it is absorbent, hard wearing and practical for indoor entrances with a large footfall such as in schools or retail outlets.

When  entrance door mats are used in conjunction with effective  entrance door mats, together they act as a dual matting system, ensuring optimum mat performance at all times keeping your business clean and tidy.