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Logo Mats | Take Your Business To The Next Level



Logo Mats | Take Your Business To The Next Level

For any kind of business, branding is everything. Think about all the famous logos you recognise! From Takealot, PicknPay to McDonald’s, Shoprite,Checkers to Spar, a good, clear image can do everything for brand awareness. Therefore, you should focus on putting your branding out there as much as possible. Have you ever thought about using custom doormats and personalised doormats or logo mat to show off your logo design and branding?

First Impressions

Mats are not just places for people to wipe their shoes before they come into your business. Visitors are likely to look at them carefully if they want to make sure they don’t make a mess! Therefore, a mat is a great spot for making sure your prospective clients see who you are and what you do.



Why not show off your creative side with logo mats and personalised doormats? While a personal doormat is a great place for you to imprint your logo and insignia, it’s also a great spot for you to get creative in your approach to interior design.

If your business and brand images allow it, why not create a cheeky or funny message? Why not say something to your customers that they might not expect, but will be delighted by all the same? Think carefully about the design you’d like to put on your custom doormats. You want to appeal to your clients and visitors, but at the same time, you don’t want to look unprofessional.


Finishing the Look

If you’re careful to include your branding and logos everywhere your visitors look, then you will likely want to take on personalised doormats to tie together your brand image. As mentioned, it is a great way to make sure you create a great first impression.

However, do make sure that you create a mat that ties in with the rest of your interior design, brand, and ethos. This isn’t always easy to do, but if you are working with designers and graphics experts like us, you will be more than prepared to take your business design to the next level.


What is a Logo Mat

Logo mats are like any other mat, a piece of fabric which is to be placed on the floor and help maintain the inside of a premises. Common information that is displayed in the custom logo may include the logo of the company, the services it offers, catchy phrases and contact information.

Normally, a logo mat is placed right before your business and welcomes customers in. The way the mat is customised and personalised should be carefully handled, remember, the quality and presentation of your business’s logo mat is a representation of the business, therefore, to give off a professional first impression it is advised that you ensure the entrance and logo customised mat is looking clean and presentable.


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