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Branded Logo Mats Products

Stand out from the crowd and showcase your brand with a  branded logo mat for your business!

Branded And Logo Mats Products

Custom branded Logo mats are one of our most popular options. Logo branded mats can be used at entrances, point of sale displays, in front of product promotions or where there is foot traffic. Ideal for franchise stores where each franchisee wants their own details added to the corporate logo.

Logo floor mats are great for hotels , car dealers, churches  and any other businesses who want to make a good impression with their potential buyers. They give a very professional image of what to expect once they step inside one of your business premises. The logo floor mats are suitable where a variety of different colours are needed and are produced using a jet dye injection method of printing. Our mats can be supplied with your full logo and corporate colours featured on it so when the open inspection is on, the prospect knows exactly who you are and which company you represent.

Branded Logo Business Mats For Your Entrance

Great brands are built from the ground up. There’s no better way to put that into practice than by starting a logo mats program for your company.  Branded logo mats put your brand message directly in front of every person who enters your front doorstep. And while they are building your brand, they guard against the hazards associated with dirt and moisture tracked-in from the outdoors. Get all those benefits, with no up-front inventory cost.

 Door mats with logo  are a great  and best way to effectively increase the brand awareness of a business. Indoor logo mats are commonly used to promote a marketing campaign and engage the attention of consumers at the point of sale or a product display area.

Business Logo Mats For Your Premises

Our branded mats and personalised door mats  are ideal for receptions, entrances and exits throughout commercial and industrial buildings such as:

  • Schools
  • Car dealerships
  • Colleges
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Retail shops
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Leisure & Tourist attractions 

There is no minimum order quantity when ordering any of our customised logo door mats / carpets products and we provide free colour visuals and delivery on all orders. Prices are cost effective, competitive and we can always provide the best matting solutions to suit your budget. Choose from washable to maintenance-free matting, the choice is endless!

Entrance logo mat
promo mats branded mats

Indoor and Outdoor Logo Mats

Heavy Duty Logo Mats


Heavy-duty logo mats are produced using high quality materials plus the addional beneifit of a thicker and heavier 3mm non-slip rubber backing.  The additional backing acts as a safety feature adding weight to the mat, hence keeping it grounded.  Perfect for high foot traffic areas or where wind is an issue.  Available in a number of standard and custom bespoke sizes including extra-large for commercial events.  The high definition print technology ensures your logo or design prints will last the lifetime of the mat.

Features and Benefits

  • Make a great and lasting impression with customers
  • Enhance the image and appearance of businesses
  • Strong rubber backing provides maximum durability
  • Available in any sizes
  • Create mat designs and make changes by submitting your source art to our staff designers
  • Consider placing in entrance ways, receptions and service counters
  • No minimum order quantity



CUSHION FALL Made from seasoned, recycled soft wood fibres that knit together to form a stable, long-lasting surface that gives excellent absorption against impact. Cushionfall branded logo mats are high quality, free-draining, virtually maintenance free matting that is extremely hygienic and clean to handle.


SUPER CONTRACT FALL MATS are also referred to as vinyl looped mats ,spaghetti mats or pvc looped mats. The only difference between the cushion fall entrance mats and the super contract entrance fall mat is the difference in thickness of the mats. These vinyl looped mats are specifically meant for the outside portion of entrances as they are not affected by wet weather.The resilient vinyl loops are very efficient in scraping dirt off shoes. They can be used in conjunction with our berber point logo branded mats, them being positioned on the outside part of the entrance.

The vinyl loops of this mat are very resilient and extremely comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet. The textured cushioned surface actively helps prevent slips.

Constructed in a random mesh pattern, the Wayfarer Mat’s loops lets dirt and water pass through while the mat surface stays clean.

Personalised logos can also be inserted onto the mat.

BERBER POINT Logo mats are one of the most popular logo mats in the industry. Berber point mats are dense, high quality logo mats designed for heavy traffic areas. The distinct Berber pattern is great for trapping dirt. Berber logo mats use a precise inlay process for razor sharp detailed logos.

The mat is constructed using a finely woven polypropylene yarn embedded into a strong, durable nonslip rubber backing.
A graphic artist uses laser cuts to manually insert the logo into the mat.
Great for both indoors and outdoors and can withstand inclement weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, etc.
High density fibers are compression resistant.
Mats are available with Edging (surface mounted) or without Edging (for recesses).
The Berber Point Logo Mat aggressively scrapes the bottoms of shoes while maintaining a vibrant colorful logo.
Definitely the way to go for a high quality product.
High-Profile Vinyl Edging is available in Black.
Thickness of the mats range from 1.5mm to 3mm depending on the color, but the mats are mostly 3mm thick.

GRIME BUSTER is suitable for active entrance areas which lead directly from outside.

This extremely durable fibre bonded carpet sheet offers a deep diagonal rib, able to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as creating an effective barrier against dirt and wear.Grime buster logo mats  are popular customers and can be found in many business entrances.