Think of your company’s logo making an impact every time a customer puts a foot in your door.
Promo Mats  offers customized logo mats to advertise your business. With Custom Logo Floor Mats, you can personalize your floor mat any way you want. It’s a front door mat with an image that describes your business with pictures, logos, colors and slogans to create a professional look. Exterior mats with a logo have never been so popular, Branded Mats, Logo Mats, Rubber Scrapper Logo Mats, customized for an all-weather condition. All our custom logo mats are safe and non-slip to provide a great first impression in wet conditions.


Customised Mats

Customised mats add an original touch to the entrance of a business  or apartment. The range is available in polyamide fibre, designed to absorb dirt and moisture, and comes in a variety of bright and colourful models.

These customised mats feature a carpet surface and vinyl backing. These mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor  commercial environments such as office carpets and flooring.

Premium Logo Mats

Professionally serviceable logo mat for business entrance or reception area.

Excellent dust, dirt and moisture control functionality, ideal for public entrances and businesses that are
looking to keep their entrance areas clean and presentable.

Logo mat will look as good as new through many wash cycles and the most vigorous of daily foot traffic

Branded Mats

We are very proud of our  Branded Mats, this floor mats are manufactured using high standard quality materials. They are made with long-lasting, stain-resistant polypropylene fiber.

The Branded Mats are very functional and handmade mats that can showcase exact images. These mats are premium and will bring elegance to your venue, they can also be custom cut to most any dimensions both large and small.

Custom Logo Mats Products are the ideal solution for showing off your brand. There are different types of logo mats each with its own unique use and material. Carpet Logo Mats are used indoors to catch dirt and wetness as customers enter your business. Rubber Floor Mats are used outdoors to show off your logo and lets customers scrape the dirt off their feet before they enter your business. Cushion Floor Mats are used in area where employees or customers have to stand for long periods of time, this prevents fatigue while standing. Custom Mats is proud to offer many different types of Indoor Logo Mats,  Branded Mats, Outdoor Logo Mats, Point of Purchase Logo Mats,  Promotional Mats, Personalised Mats,  Branded Door Mats, Anti-Fatigue Logo Mats, and Recessed Logo Mats. Check out our wide selection of mats today!.