Let your logo mats communicate the best about your company

Our custom logo mats not only boast excellent scraping capability to prevent dirt and moisture from getting in, they also offer an opportunity to promote a brand or company name

Exceptional Industrial Mats and Commercial Mats

Promo Mats  has proudly been supplying businesses of all sizes with the highest quality Commercial Mats, Logo Mats, Industrial Mats, Branded Mats, Non slip Mats, Door Mats, Custom Mats, Entrance Mats, Commercial Doormats and Floor Mats for more than 10 years. We stock the widest range of heavy duty industrial mats, rubber mats and quality Logo Mats for commercial applications.

At  Promo Mats, we offer a massive selection of promotional floor mats to suit not only your brand image, but also your company needs. From our low-cost logo floor mats to our heavy-duty floor mats. In order for us to best cater for your needs, we offer a series of floor mat options with short run lengths and quick lead times, perfect for one-off event promotions or giveaways. For the perfect brand message, you can send in your own artwork to be printed onto your chosen floor mat, or alternatively, our expert in-house design team can help to create eye-catching designs to perfectly compliment your company style, helping to ensure a cohesive brand identity throughout the workplace. All of our products can be easily shipped throughout the South Africa either to your premises, or direct to your event, for a quick and affordable promotional product.

Our promotional logo floor mats are a budget-friendly, yet versatile way to ensure that your brand image is consistently in front of your customers and clients, as they are highly functional, and can help to increase brand visibility around the workplace. Branded floor mats are also the perfect way to create a welcoming entrance, and to make a great first impression on any visitors.

Logo Door Mats – The Emblem of Unique Style

Logo Door Mats are specially designed and created with the unique style that brings up a new collection of mats to recreate the interior and add more value to your homes, offices, restaurants, cafes and buildings. Logo Door Mats are designed trendy and charm keeping of its surroundings. The structured and eloquent beauty describes it all and does not require any hindrances in its style. These mats are the symbol of coolness and sign of coziness that provide comfortable one would feel at the place. They can be now found easily in homes, offices, restaurants, cafes and building of different shapes and sizes and is customized according to desire of the people.  Logo Door Mats comes up in different style according to designs and styles that people wants, they have their own charm and uniqueness. People carved café logos on it on different types and shapes. Some special designs and pictures are engraved on it that delivers it messages, there are many mats that have company logos carved on them to look different and modern. They are made up of such fine material that never fades and attract people towards itself and have a large appealing.

Logo Mats  and Branded Mats are textured flat mats that can be placed indoor or outdoor depending upon their function. Our royal logo mat not only removes debris and dirt from the shoes but also gives a welcoming gesture to the client or guest.

Custom Made Logo Mats can be used at your business firm to impress you and it makes your brand name stay in people’s minds. Our mats are durable and offer the best performance in any weather conditions.

Just provide us your desired logo, picture, letter, or anything that you want to be printed on your doormat, and will deliver it to your doorstep. Do not worry about the design and quality of your Floor Custom logo mats. We will first show you the soft copy of the design, once you are satisfied with it, then we will print it on your floor mat

Branded logo mats for all businesses

Entrance logo mats by Promo mats, professional entrance mats and branded mats services in South Africa. We are based in Johannesburg  we also supply Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Polokwane,  and Rusternburg.

When it comes to corporate identity a professional image is vital and in business today maintaining that image is essential.

Create the right first impression with professional entrance logo mats. Our logo mats  service provides an effective and efficient way of stopping the ingress of dirt and grime from foot traffic.  By trapping grit and moisture within the dirt control barrier mats fibres this significantly reduces your floor cleaning costs.

Whilst also offering the same dirt control performance as standard dust control logo door mats, bespoke graphic mats are guaranteed to make a powerful first impression for clients and visitors to your premises.

Logo Mats

Logo mats serve you on or on the behalf of you in your business. They serve people and they give them an idea of they are the best place to avail the service and also the custom logo mats helps them to easily remembered about your brand nameStop dirt at the door, with our durable  logo mats. Made to last and withstand high foot traffic, combined with a stylish look at your entrance.

 Our mats help collect and contain the dirt, grit, and moisture that could otherwise contribute to slip and fall accidents.

Branded Mats

Premium branded mats are used by large brands across the globe to show their dedication to quality. These mats provide brand value. We prepare customized logo carpet mats with your logo or desired design .

Bring your brand to life and keep your floors clean and safe, with our high impact  Branded Mats.

Branded Mats items that provide a double function, such as safety in addition to advertising, make an even more positive impression on customers. Branded floor mats help reduce slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

Custom Logo Mats

Custom Logo Mats are the ideal combination of comfortable anti-fatigue mats and branded logo matting, ideal for use front of house where both image and comfort is required for employees who stand for long periods of time.

This Custom logo mat can be used in many different applications due to it’s full color printing method and all rubber construction.

Your doormat should be perfect as it is going to describe your business. Give us your logo, image, or anything that you want to print on your doormats and we will make it an ideal one for you. Our doormats are made to face all weather conditions without getting dull or fade. They are nonslip and completely safe.

Need A Logo Mats?

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Logo Mats & Branded Mats

You can add color and style to your room’s entrance with our logo mats and branded mats. We can customize these mats according to your requirements and can print them with your favorite character or your brand logo. Logo mats  not only gives protection against slips and falls but also gives an exclusive look to your place.

Logo mats, Custom doormats Branded mats, carpets door mats, interlocking tile mats and rubber mats

We are proud manufacturers of Logo Doormats, Branded mats, door mats, custom logo carpets, entrance mats, interlocking mats, Rubber mats, rubber flooring, Logo mats, Branded doormats and floor mats.

Looking for the right Logo Mat ?

At  Promo Mats we provide the best quality logo mats that can be used as entrance matting for your business or school premises. Completely customise your logo mat with the artwork you require – choose custom colours, insert your company crest, custom wording and more.

Branded Custom Logo Mats

Logo mats feature a premium rubber backing that is guaranteed to lay flat on the floor as well as not crack or curl. This rubber also allows the rug to grip a clean floor tightly to prevent movement of the mat. Entry rugs, floor mats, and other logo mats use a unique technology to inject dye directly into the nylon fiber of the carpet. There are 25 colors to choose from as the rug color, and then over 200 colors can be used in creating your slogan/design, and the printers used can handle intricate designs such as shading and personal messages! These entrance mats, logo mats are typically used by schools, businesses, and civic groups to greet visitors with an image that firmly places in their mind where they are. Banks often place these rugs at the entryway to further reinforce branding, or popular slogans.

Logo mats are made of 100% nylon carpet that can be steam cleaned. This carpet has been treated in order to provide long lasting colorfastness. These floor mats, logo mats used to create a strong bond between the rubber backing and carpet. These area rugs will last through many years of use without fading, ripping or tearing. Logo mats have been slip resistant and design for use in heavily trafficked locations, these custom carpets display an image that will be memorable to those who visit your location, and will not wear down for years of use!

Floor Matting for Seasonal Weather

 Logo Mats can be used to turn your traditional floor mat into an exclusive one of kind. Our latest digital print technology offers a new way to deliver a creative, lasting first impression. Consider these mats an enhancement to your overall corporate image. They are suited to heavy traffic areas such as hallways, aisles and elevators to name a few.

Changing seasons can be a pain for people trying to keep the inside of their facilities clean. For many, whatever they can keep off the floor, they don’t have to pay to clean up. While floor mats are put in place to help this inevitable issue, end-users don’t always situate the mats in the correct spaces or applications to achieve maximum efficiency. A matting system enables you to be most efficient when using mats in your facility and to also better push a brand by enforcing impressions with every mat that customers walk across.

The indoor and outdoor matting system is the most common method of placing floor mats in a facility. Placing the Outdoor Logo Mat just outside the door will serve as a first line of defense, picking up a lot of the larger chunks of weather elements and general outdoor dirt. This Indoor Logo Mat will stay cleaner for a longer period of time since it sits just inside the door.

A walk-off mat placed just after the indoor mat is great for picking up or drying any other weather elements that may be left on someone’s feet as they walk in the door. It can also serve as an additional branding impression right after the front entrance, which helps boost brand recognition.

Heavy-Duty Logo Mats

Heavy-duty logo  mats are made from a berber point type of  mats are extremely weather-resistant and particularly insensitive to coarse dirt, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. This logo door mat can be custom made  with colours and logos according to your personal requirements.

The floor is the largest untapped area for advertising and brand awareness so why not take advantage of this with our logo mats, branded mats, personalised mats. There is only one chance to make a first impression and logo mats are the easiest way to enforce your brand or company logo and make that lasting impression

National Brands Mats

Promo-Mats has worked with all the top national franchise brands for their logo mat needs. We can customize you logo mat with your location or city name for added brand awareness. National Brands Logo floor mats are usually placed indoor to catch dirt and wetness as customers enter your establishment and show off your brand. Emissary Logo Floor mats are placed outdoors in front of your door to scrape the dirt off your customers feet before they enter your business and not only catch the eyes of people entering your building but also makes your business stand out to people passing by.

We partner with other logo mats manufactures like Creative Mats South Africa to produce mats the fastest turn around time.

Commercial, industrial or domestic, we have the perfect logo entrance mats solution for you. All of our Logo Entrance Mats Product range can be made to any required size with a range of surface options available. Please use the filter on the right, and we will show you the perfect solution for your application. However, if you are unsure of what entrance mat is best for your application, please feel free to contact us and one of our team members will happily help you. 

Logo mats are designed as a dirt and dust collector, suitable for most entrances including shops and public buildings which are subject to heavy foot traffic.

An excellent brushing action helps protect existing carpets and flooring in an economical and practical way. Traditionally used in busy entrance areas, often fitted into mat-wells or floor-recess but equally useful as a loose-lay mat

Welcome customers and clients into your business in style with a promotional floor mats. An advertising mat can be a great promotional tool for any business, from hotels and motels through to mechanics. Does your business supply small shops with product? Why not use a branded floor mat as a great way to lead customers to your product?

Promo mats are fully customisable, and with a print size of 800mm x 505mm you’ll have plenty of space to get your business name across. With a four-colour print process, these mats are easily washable, long lasting, well made and you don’t need to order large quantities – great for small businesses looking to stand out from the crowd.

Branded floor mats are a great lead in product, in that they will often lead customers to your product or brand when in use. Advertise your latest drink or snack food, welcome customers and clients to your business, or simply display your brand name – there’s plenty you can do with a promotional floor mat from Promo mats.